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GreenSphere Records is an independent grass roots Label out of Oakland, CA focusing on Live Roots & Culture reggae music. Our mission is to: “Promote consciousness and positivity through music.”  Started by Alan “EayGee” Gordon in 1996 he would later bring in his business partner Kobie Quashie. Greensphere gave voice to Reggae Musicians & Artist from the West that had talent and a message that did not have an outlet.  Soon the label would branch out from just working with the “home base talent” to working with artist all over the globe.  Known for high quality productions and having an distinguishable  melodical roots sound, GreenSphere has edged it’s name in the book of roots and will continue to give the people good clean positive spiritual music that has a purpose.

GreenSphere Records

360 Grand Ave.Suite 136

Oakland, CA 94610

Tel: 1-408-391-2001

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